fun / daily
1-3 foot
Exciting, unparalleled groveller, developed to offer zestful surfing in small-sized conditions.

Fun, compact board primed to get you fired up about surfing on the days that are less-than-epic. Effortless to ride, excelling in weaker sections and has a lively performance-orientated feel off the tail.

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contest / performer
3-5 foot
The must-have, tuned-up, everyday forgiving shortboard for small to medium-sized conditions that allows the average surfer to perform at their highest level. It loves to be put on the rail, and pushed above the lip, favoured by our team and everyday surfers alike.

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Elite choice for those who ride high-performance shortboards, often in sub-par conditions seeking a fast and free feeling under foot, to suit explosive and progressive surfing.

Perfect board to transition to when the waves get solid. Connected full rocker and aggressive bottom contours to hold you in tight, yet designed with enough foam and built in speed to be a viable tool in any adept surfers quiver.

consequence / stepping up
5+ foot
Coming soon...
Reliable board in hollower, more powerful types of waves that works great for a wide range of surfers and could be considered a one-board quiver for any surf trip with decent to good waves.

When the waves are pumping and heavy, maximise your paddling power and ability to catch waves with extra volume under your chest to get you over the ledge.

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fringe / flow
± foot
Wlt Twn
Perfect for the enlightened shortboarder or alternate craft aficionado for Beautiful, uninterrupted surfing with user friendly turn and paddle ease without sacrificing performance.
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